High quality new arrival alumina ceramic tube with screws

High Quality New Arrival Alumina Ceramic Tubes With ScrewFeatures1. Light weight2. High hardness3. Wide scope of apllication4. Extremely abrasive resistance performancePerformance1. Fire Rating: USA military standard MIL-F-510582. Certification: natural organic matter, the European Union, exempt products without certification ma

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High Quality New Arrival Alumina Ceramic Tubes With Screw
High Quality New Arrival Alumina Ceramic Tubes with Screw
1. Light weight
2. High hardness
3. Wide scope of apllication
4. Extremely abrasive resistance performance

1. Fire Rating: USA military standard MIL-F-51058
2. Certification: natural organic matter, the European Union, exempt products without certification materials
3. Thermal Conductivity: high temperature: 1600 degrees below the ideal heat insulating material of high voltage and high frequency equipment.

1. Large power equipment
2. IC MOS tube, IGBT chip
3. Heat conducting insulation, high frequency power supply
4. Communication, mechanical equipment
5. Strong current, high voltage, high temperature and other heat insulation parts need products

Technical Data
Properties Table
Test Item/UnitNumerical ValueTest Item/UnitNumerical Value
Paoduct MaterialAlumina ZirconiaProduct MaterialAlumina Zirconia
Component Content %≥99%≥95%≥90%Volume Resistance mm>1012>1012>1012
Sintering Temp ºC1780-18001650-16801550-2600Bending Strength Mpa4003201100
Specific Gravity g/cm3≥3.8≥3.6>6Thermal Expansion Coefficient *10°6.8-8.06.2-8.56.9-10
Breakdown Voltage Strength kv/mm151515Roughness um≤0.8≤0.8≤0.8
Bibulous Rate %<0.01<0.01<0.01Mirror Polished Ra≤0.05≤0.1≤0.05
Anti Pressure Mpa3700Mpa2400Mpa5000MpaThermal Conductivity W/m.k25202.5
Hardness Hra≥88≥82≥88Temperature Resistance ºC170016001800

Alumina Ceramic
Alumina ceramic is al2o3 as main raw materials, in the rare metal oxide as flux, special ceramic sheets after one thousand degree high temperature roasting into. Alumina ceramic al2o3 content is high, the structure is relatively compact, with special properties, it is known as the special ceramics. The al2o3 ceramic materials are densely arranged six party structure for oxygen ion amd aluminium ion, filled in 2/3 with eight sides in the gap, which is the same with natural corundum stable alpha al2o3 structure, so the ceramics with high melting point, high hardness, good wear-resistance.

Regular Size and models
TO-220: 1mm*14mm*20mm
TO-3P: 1mm*20mm*25mm
TO-264: 1mm*22mm*28mm
TO-247: 0.635mm*17mm*22mm
Other size and shapes can be customized

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