Alumina ceramic parts

Welcome to ShenZhen HaoRui Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Hope that our products can make you interested!    Founded in June 2006, the company is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of non-standard industrial ceramics, hard alloys (tungsten steel), various metal and non-metal precision mecha

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Welcome to ShenZhen HaoRui Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., Hope that our products can make you interested!
    Founded in June 2006, the company is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of non-standard industrial ceramics, hard alloys (tungsten steel), various metal and non-metal precision mechanical parts.
    After more than ten years of development, it has accumulated rich industry experience and trained a group of professional technicians. It has a complete production process and quality management system, as well as a complete set of precision processing equipment and testing equipment. At present, it has more than 1,000 domestic and foreign customers, and has cooperated with more than 30 universities and research institutes. It has a high reputation and good reputation in the same industry. The company's overall strength is in the leading position in the industry.

Alumina Ceramic Parts

Main Products:
    The company specializes in the production of zirconia ceramic precision parts, alumina ceramic precision parts, silicon nitride ceramic precision parts, silicon carbide ceramic precision parts, machinable ceramic precision parts, microporous ceramic precision parts, aluminum nitride Ceramic precision parts, hard alloy (tungsten steel) precision parts and so on.
    Products are widely used in precision machinery manufacturing, microelectronics, semiconductors, aerospace, biomedical, fiber optic communications, test and inspection, solar photovoltaic and other fields.

Alumina Ceramic Parts

Material Properties:
 95% Alumina99% AluminaZirconiaSilicon carbideSilicon nitrideAluminum nitrideMachinable ceramic
ColourwhiteLight yellowwhiteblackblackgraywhite
Density (g/cm3)3.7g/cm33.9g/cm36.02g/cm33.2g/cm33.25g/cm33.2g/cm32.48g/cm3
Water Absorption0 %0 %0 %0 %0 %0 %0 %
Flexural Strength(MPa)300MPa400MPa1100MPa450MPa800MPa310MPa91MPa
Compressive Strength(MPa)2500MPa2800MPa3600MPa2000MPa2600MPa-340MPa
Young's Modulus Of Elasticity300GPa300GPa320GPa450GPa290GPa310~350GPa65GPa
Poisson's Ratio0.
Thermal Conductivity20W/m°C32W/m°C3W/m°C50W/m°C25W/m°C150W/m°C1.46W/m°C
Dielectric Strength14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm14KV/mm
Volume Resistivity(25ºC)>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>105Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm>1014Ω·cm
This data is typical for laboratory testing and the actual characteristics of a particular production batch may vary.

Machining Accuracy
(1) Axis: roundness 0.002 mm, concentricity 0.002 mm, smoothness Ra0.1;
(2) Hole: the minimum processing hole diameter is 0.2 mm and the depth is up to 6 mm (depending on the material);
(3) Slot (seam): a minimum of 0.1 mm narrow groove, and grooves of various shapes;
(4) Plane: 0.1MM sheet with minimum processable thickness, parallelism 0.001mm, measurement tolerance 0.001 mm, finish Ra0.1;
(5) Thread: The minimum Machinable M2 internal thread, the accuracy of GB-7h, the external thread size is not limited, the accuracy is GB-6g.

Introduction of alumina ceramic materials:
      Alumina ceramic is a ceramic material mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3). Alumina ceramics have a series of excellent properties such as high mechanical strength, high insulation resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and light weight. It is widely used in various industries such as textile, petrochemical, construction, machinery, electronics, biomedicine, etc. It is the most widely used ceramic material in oxide ceramics.
      Alumina ceramics are classified into high-purity type and ordinary type. The high-purity alumina ceramic is a ceramic material having an Al2O3 content of 99.9% or more. Since the sintering temperature is as high as 1650-1990 ° C and the transmission wavelength is 1 to 6 μm, molten glass is generally prepared to replace platinum rhodium. It is used as a sodium lamp tube due to its light transmittance and alkali metal corrosion resistance. It can be used as an integrated circuit substrate and high frequency insulating material in the electronics industry.
      Ordinary alumina ceramics can be divided into 99 porcelain, 95 porcelain, 90 porcelain, 85 porcelain, etc. according to different Al2O3 content. Sometimes the Al2O3 content is 80% or 75%, which is also classified into ordinary alumina ceramic series. Among them, 99 alumina ceramic materials are used to make high temperature crucibles, refractory furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic bearings, ceramic seals and water valve sheets. 95 Alumina Porcelain is mainly used as a corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant part. In 85 porcelain, due to the incorporation of part of talc, the electrical properties and mechanical strength are improved, and it can be sealed with metals such as molybdenum, niobium and tantalum, and some are used as electric vacuum device devices.

Product Image:
Alumina Ceramic Parts
Alumina Ceramic Parts
Alumina Ceramic Parts
Alumina Ceramic Parts

1. Can make a sample first
2. Independent R&D, ISO manufacture, precise quality standards.
3. Any questions will be answered within 24 hours.
4. Patented products.
5. OEM or ODM is available.
6. The larger quantity you order,the more competitive prices you'll.
7. Perfect after-sale service.

1. Are you Trading Company or Manufacturer?
    We are professional ceramic parts and hard alloy (tungsten steel) manufacturer. We are factory.
2. Do you only supply standard parts or can customized parts according to our drawing?
    All parts can be customized according to you drawings and will meeting your requirements perfectly.
3. Can I negotiate the price?
    Of Cource, We will consider discount  for bulk orders of products.
4. Can you  give warranty of your products?
    Yes, we promise a 100% satisaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to give us your feedbacks if you are not satisfied with our products quality or Service.
5. Can I visit your compnay or factory? 
    Sure.welcome,please contact us make an appointment.

Product quality inspection:
       The company has a complete set of professional testing equipment, which can not only accurately measure the appearance of the product, but also detect the hardness, density and microstructure of the material.

Alumina Ceramic Parts

Packaging and transportation
    Customized product packaging solutions for different products and transportation distances, anti-shock and anti-fall, can effectively protect products and ensure the safety of product transportation.

Alumina Ceramic Parts
Alumina Ceramic Parts

Customization instructions:
       Non-standard parts customization, due to different product size, material material, processing accuracy and other requirements, resulting in material costs, processing costs, packaging logistics and other costs will be different. Please contact customer service before ordering, provide spare parts information (drawings or samples, usage environment, etc.) and your requirements (quantity, delivery date, etc.) as much as possible. Our company will recommend the product solutions that meet your requirements and Quote.

Alumina Ceramic Parts

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